Why BSDHosting?

Secure your presence on the Internet, as well as your local network, with BSDHosting's suite of services, all based around the OpenBSD Operating System, Apache Secure Web Server and PostFix Secure Mail Server.

Provide services to your clients and your staff without opening yourself to attack or sabotage, connect your remote offices securely through the Internet, lock down your existing systems, extend your presence on the Internet, all with BSDHosting.

We provide you with secure hosted machines running the most secure operating system available commercially or otherwise, all the code is audited for security and reilability. All our hosting is on multiple, reliable, high-speed internet connections.

We also provide you with in-house solutions running that same secure platform, able to integrate with and protect your existing business systems. Optionally, we are available to audit your existing networks for security problems and performance bottlenecks, supplying you with solutions that ensure maximum performance and security of your network with minimal downtime.

As all our solutions are based around open-source products, you will find our rates to be cost-effective and reasonable.


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