Application Development

With our team of application design experts, with skills in various development languages and platforms, we can help you to create a first class custom application for your or your company's use.

Our team will meet with you either in person or electronically to discuss your requirements and your design specifications, to help you create a well designed, robust and secure custom application.

Among the many applications we are able to create for you or your organisation:

  • Custom Web Applications (Internet or Intranet) based on ASP, PHP, Perl or JSP with or without database integration.
  • Custom Unix Desktop Applications, either graphical or text-based as frontends to existing systems or back-end data.
  • Custom Unix Server Applications, either completely new systems or extensions of existing server solutions.
  • Custom Windows Desktop Applications, either acting as front-ends to existing systems, or as self-contained applications.
  • Custom Windows Application Addins, extending existing applications with enhanced functionality, extra security, custom business logic or better integration into backend systems.
  • Custom Windows Server Applications, either integrating into Windows Server applications such as Exchange/MSSQL or IIS or as a self-contained Server Application.

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