Web Hosting

When you host your Website with us, we provide you with secure upload access, secured websites (SSL), access to our PostgreSQL database backend, support for Perl, PHP and JSP backend scripts, hit counter scripts, your own forum site, daily updated graphical and tabular web statistics, multiple subdomains pointing to different parts of your website and an area on our servers accesible only by our admins and you. We also offer optional shell access for your website in a secure area on our server and access to an IRC Chatroom matching your company or organisation name where your support or sales staff can connect with your customers for live discussion and a bot (automated process that can answer simple questions about your organisation) will be placed. All our servers run on Apache Web Server with mod_perl and mod_php.

You also have the option, if you have the need, for us to create a completely separate web server under our administration for your organisation or company, ensuring maximum security of your site. Additonally, we can build, install and configure a web server for your intranet, see In-house Solutions for more details.

Contact us for details.